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We're proud to publish a list of some companies we work with regularly. These are leaders in their own industries. They appreciate quality. They demand service. They expect and get both from Viking Tool. The list is a testimonial to the trust they have put in us.

We would like to have you as a guest to visit our plant in Whitehall. Call us at anytime. We would like to make a plant visit date with you. We'll give you an opportunity to discuss your current tool, die or mold problems, not only with our management, but with anyone in our shop if it will help you. We can help, and we will deliver.

In Their Words

Michael J. VonHoltz—JCI

I can not stress enough how much ingenuity, integrity, honesty and value that the entire team at Viking brings to the table. I look forward to a long relationship with their team! For my money you just can’t beat the team at Viking!!

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Jim Peplinski

They are not satisfied with making something as good as the other guy- they strive for trying to make it better... I can say their improvement efforts have been fruitful for us here, and we truly value them as a supplier of choice for our tools.

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