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In Thier Words - Michael J. VonHoltz - JCI

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Experience With Viking

I have been dealing with Rick Seaver and his staff for almost 4 years as an Advanced Tooling and Process Engineer for JCI. Rick, Terry Jeff and their respective support teams have always treated me with the upmost respect and dignity. They have a warm and welcome atmosphere and are always ready to get the job done for the customer and deliver it with a smile. Viking is staffed by talented experts in their field, including but not limited to: Program Management, Tool Design, Tool Fabrication, Production Scheduling and on the floor support at their customer’s facilities.

I had the unique opportunity last year to launch a program at our facility in Whitby, Ontario, Canada with 8 tools supplied by Viking. The tools manufactured Interior Door Panel Substrates for the new Chevrolet Impala.

During the debug and pre-launch phases the tools made several trips back to Whitehall, MI for Engineering Changes. The team at Viking was supportive with logistics as well as extremely flexible with their production support to enable these changes with very tight timing. On several occasions Viking provided hands-on support at our Whitby facility (a 6-7 hour drive each way) to tweak the tools while in our injection molding machines. This level of support is consistent with Viking and has proven to be one of their best assets. In addition, I have yet to deal with another tooling source that brings so much ingenuity to the table for new concepts or unique ways to fix existing issues.

Types of Tools

Viking supplies many types of injection molds to JCI. The tools that Viking has built for myself are typically single cavity automobile interior door substrates. They are approximately 46” by 50” tall by 64” wide and are built with reverse ejection- meaning that the ejection system is built into the stationary half of the tool. They typically have pneumatic valve-gated manifold systems with 6-8 drops. In addition, they usually have 6-8 lifters (with water in the lifters), 1-2 hydraulically actuated slides, 6-8 digital pressure transducers, high-flow water systems and other ‘floating’ features to create shutoffs. They typically weigh 24,000-27,000 lbs and will mold parts at 48 second cycle time.

These tools are rather complex and have additional action in them due to our molding process. JCI is using injection-compression for most of our low-pressure mold-behind products; including the tools we launched in Whitby. Our process is called CrafTec PMB and molds directly behind a TPO or PVC coverstock that results in a 1 piece door substrate with both hard and soft surfaces.

These tools make the door substrates for the new Chevrolet Impala at our Whitby facility. In addition, here is a link to lean more about the product. Or you can Google “CrafTec PMB.”

Future With Viking

Viking is my FIRST choice for any new tooling and particularly for any of our CrafTec tooling. I can not stress enough how much ingenuity, integrity, honesty and value that the entire team at Viking brings to the table. I look forward to a long relationship with their team! For my money you just can’t beat the team at Viking!!

Michael J. VonHoltz

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