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In Thier Words - Jim Peplinski

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Our business here is decorative automotive trim components supplied to pretty much all of the OEM’s. We custom mold, then chrome plate, and/or paint, and assemble these parts here at our facilities. That being said, the craftsmanship of our injection molds is critical to our success in producing acceptable “jewelry” for our automotive customers. The cosmetic requirement doesn’t matter if it is a small trim piece or a large grille such as the Hummer H2- which Viking Tool built for us. The H2 Grille mold is 35’ wide by 95’ long and 46’ tall. This tool has many lifters and is polished to an A1 (SPI level for our chrome plating finish.) This is one of our largest parts that we currently produce. Additionally, they have built Nissan bed rail tools for 6’ and 8’ box lengths which are 34” x 106” x 44” in size. All of these tools have action in the form of many lifters, slides and core pulls to allow for attachment schemes to the vehicles that are both hidden and robust.

To accomplish these types of successes, I’m sure you can appreciate the needs we have for our tooling suppliers. In Viking’s case, they have brought more than just the ability to build us a quality mold which is above normal size. They have brought good upfront engineering and, sound solutions to the on-going issues experienced on other tools from other suppliers. They are not satisfied with making something as good as the other guy- they strive for trying to make it better. This is a very important asset of Viking Tool’s- their ability to think outside the box, and provide sound solutions which have good engineering basis behind them. I can say their improvement efforts have been fruitful for us here, and we truly value them as a supplier of choice for our tools. I have found them more than capable of fulfilling any and all of our requirements from an equipment and facility standpoint, and, just as importantly, from a sound engineering and execution standpoint. I am fully confident that they will be able to satisfy your requirements as well.

Jim Peplinski

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